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9 mai 2012 3 09 /05 /mai /2012 04:22


My wife was Sophie to sleep during the last year with my blessing. We had good sex and our relationship has grown stronger beeg and stronger. Sophie teases me by other men before and after Shagged and we were both excited when she shows me her waist, usually red, swollen and leaking sperm. I DONT questions to ask men who have sex, I have to ask only about sex and love when she goes into the fine details. So far we have an understanding that we keep for ourselves and our freinds Sophie shag. , but this past beeg weekend I went to have a drink with one of my oldest freinds Glynn. We hung around together for our youth beeg and have always been in touch. Glynn is one of those trusted freinds can keep a secret and that many times for each covered if there is reason to have to do this is. Glynn is a womans man and have never had any problem attracting girls. beeg When we were younger he was always the one who was almost at the end oft. It also has a very large penis is always cudous is as good as Fanny enjoyed fucking tight. Glynn I've always trusted and had a sort of gentleman's agreement we are not trying to catch the other girlfriends / wives. After beeg a few drinks on the premises of Glynn called his wife to look, but the car has played and Lin ( his wife) did not fall hazard. Glynn decided to call a taxi from our house and took us out and went home. When we got home Sophie was in the living room watching television in her robe. Glynn was a joke, good to be a day we serve dinner and beat them again. It was only a light blow, but Sophie was 'wounded owch the 'and laughed. She followed with the words' I bet this has made beeg my ass red and began to open his robe and underwear down just as for the cheek to show her ass. Glynn looked a little surprised and looked at me, shrugged and said they had gambledter kiss better. Sophie repeated the movement and offered to kiss the ass of Glynn, obliging and gave him a long kiss good. Sophie looked at me and I nodded, Glynn said, ' the pain spread to my pussy, it is better to kiss better. ' Sophie leaned on her butt to deal with Glynn and pants pulled aside and showed his back and ass. Sophie Glynn came and began to lick her beeg pussy and ass. this went on for about five minutes, and Sophie was really enjoying it. ' Let's take a look at this big famous cock of yours. ' Glynn she agreed and opened the front of his pants, struggled to make it appear that it is hard and was very excited. Wow Sophie said, is very large, do not know if I'm everything I could to joke. holding it with one hand and spread it may be difficult Glynn said, and told me his help. I thought about the weight of hard cock Sophie Glynn and rubbed his head between his lips, until the head slowly entered it. lowI slowly said, and gently lowered me to my wife of my best friends are until filled. Fuck me, ordered Glynn and began to fuck her, first slowly and then faster and harder. Sophie orgasm and she really began to mount Glynn, balls slapping against her ass and the sound of his cock in the ass was kept moist and humid. Glynn orgasm approached and asked if I was OK to come in Sophie, before saying something that Sophie could say that I beeg fill. Glynn was very strong and persistent was sentenced some of Fanny Sophia sperm and come to rest on the thigh of Glynn. When Sophie uncunted Glynn had a lot of semen dripping from her ass in her butt hole. She spread her legs and she told me. 'See what your partner has done their wives fanny ' I was so excited I pulled out my penis and spunk in her womb, ' Look, she mocked him in the fucking saturated spunk'and she put her fingers in her pussy swollen and took beeg cover with milk. She licked and told me that in his search for a drink. What a night.
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9 mai 2012 3 09 /05 /mai /2012 04:20

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